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I don't know if this prop has already been made and all the greeblies found, so here goes with a fairly cheap and easy build that should end up looking something like the original X-Wing control stick.

I'm at the parts gathering and ideas stage at the mo so this could take a bit of time to complete. Eventually I want to end up with one control stick made from all vintage parts - this one won't be totally screen accurate but I like the idea of using all real parts to get close. Then a second stick molded from the first that with a little modding should be very close to screen accurrate.

Starting with the control grip. After some research and comparing with the limited amount of movie caps and set photos available it became aparent that the grip may not be a real aircraft stick. So following an idea that a number of gadgets for Star Wars were bought from 'Dixons' (including headphones, turntable parts and possibly Eumig cameras), I found the Chinon 722-723 range of 'Super 8' recorders. These were sold exclusively through Dixons from the late 60s onwards - so there's just enough logic behind the idea to suit my purposes, even though the look of the camera grip doesn't exactly match the X-Wing's at this stage. After cutting a hole, the trigger switch can be turned the other way and remain usable.

Next up, the top greeblies. Two mid 1950s RAF parts, a relay by Hendrey Relays and a switch by PYE. I'm 99% sure the relay is this type used in a Vickers Vanguard as it inlcudes an extra rubber grommet base. However, being a hard to find part I may use this second type of relay (for Hunter to Vulcan to Victor) as it has almost the same dimensions and a slight extra detail on each end - a thumb grip indent on one end and a small hole in the other that I will put a red LED behind.

The PYE switches are available on the Project Runs thread.

More to follow....
Something interesting about the Chinon's top section, it has all the shapes needed for an accurate greeblie shelf - a rounded top end at the back and a squared off end at the front that's in two halves. Length and width are pretty much spot on too so it will be just a matter of sawing off the top along the section line - one all metal greeblie shelf.

I agree with Boba Flint....looking forward to seeing how this develops. I've been wanting to build a TIE pilot chair and console for display, love what you're doing so far.
Thanks guys! The deciding factor for adapting this camera is that scruffy looking hole in the side of the stick in Luke's photo. To my eyes it looks like a casting point, so adding a couple of mods before casting should be easy. The biggest mod is adding a slight curve to the back of the camera grip leading up to the shelf, should look something like this....

DH Vampire control

DH vamp stick 5.png

Taking a cast from the curve at the front should do the trick.
Cheers SS, I've got to order in some fine saw blades before cracking this nut open as I would only make a total mess of the camera with a dremel lol.

Someone asked about that uneven look on the shelf part, which had me thinking. If I saw off the top I'm left with 3 or 4 unattached segments, with the front left side segment (as you look at the camera pic) being separate. The sides of the camera top are actually angled outwards but if were to affix that segment so the side was verticle then it pushes up the top / centre by the same angle, so a few degrees off being level. It's an unmissable feature of the overall look but it does bug me a little, so that will go into the cast version - maybe not the real parts version.
It seems that Stormtroopers were not the only beings destined to miss their targets - y'all know why though right...?

....Safety pin is still in the trigger!

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Oh yes indeed. There's a few on the Falcon's console that seem to sit a little high and have been roughed up a lot. This one looks to have a grey primer showing under the white.
Getting there, very slowly. Attempting to make a sub-frame to fix the top to the grip in a mudular way, so all the parts clip and unclip together. Then this pulley turned up in the post.... Which was nice.

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That be one of them pulleys from a Transcriptors turntable, from the maker. Needs some nudging to get the exact position.
A RR Avon engine pipe-assy from 1957 seems to fit the bill for a simulated connecting harness.

This part is just the top section so it will bolt in to a metal base (that the camera grip will sit on top of) and affix the complete stick to the column bar. Just need to remove the lower curved tube - but that's easier said than done, so far.
Thanks Hal, I'm not totally sure how I slipped into having a go at this one - I was ment to be doing the Falcon's quad controls lol. But then....

Still working out how to slot it together so it essentially field-strips.
Typical ...TYPICAL!!! You don't see any of these for years, then THREE turn up at the same time. So, getting closer to using all the right parts, I decided to use one of the more accurate relays with the rubber grommet base.

The last part to find is a four-fluted knob at around 30mm to 32mm max outside diameter. Being large, four-fluted and with no indication line probably makes it a radio tuning dial. May have to get this one custom made - are there any places out there that make custom dials?
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