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Unfortunately age has caught up with me and it’s time to sell my New Hope Vader Costume.
I've had this suit for a few years now and it’s time to let it go to a new home.

The suit has been custom designed to be as comfortable and practical as possible for trooping in.

Please note I WONT be separating this out so please don’t ask.

Looking £4000 (buyer pays postage/shipping)

Below is a full list of what you get but if you have any questions please feel free to ask away.

HELMET : Is a Sith Lord cast by “Firefly Scott” (Sith Lord is very well renowned within the Bader Helmet circles). Machine turned full metal tusks, custom hidden dual fan cooling system with hidden battery pack by Cantina Costumes, built in microphone, custom padded helmet box.

SHOULDER ARMOUR : Full fibreglass, custom made back rig for holding RomFX and its battery pack.

BOOTS : Original WW2 leather size 12 (UK) with professionally made lifts.

SHIN ARMOUR : Black ABS gloss plastic with adjustable straps.

CHEST BOX : Wooden base with accurate switches, slots, Metal Turned side pistons and adjustable straps.

Soft parts listed below are all made bt Fenix Props (Inner and outer Cloak, Trousers, Top and Gloves).

CLOAK : 15M of wool with silk lining so is weighted perfectly, metal clasp with optional black plastic chain, modified by Cantina Costumes.

TROUSERS and TOP : NOT a one piece but the much rarer TWO piece (Level 2 501st clearance). Full Nappa Leather, mesh back to help keep cool with fully adjustable strapping.

GLOVES : Size XL Nappa Leather.

COD PIECE : Padded Nappa Leather.

BELT : Full leather, screen accurate boxes and lights, metal turned accurate buckle and switch detail, police lockable/quick release buckle for Aker speaker.

SABER : Master Replica A New Hope SABER with all original box, certificate and shipper.

ROMFX : EXTREMELY rare Vader RomFX version II with built in “loop”, SD card and battery pack. IPOD shuffle plus charger as back up for RomFX with Vader Loop.

ACKER : Acker MR1 505 speaker (VERY loud).

All speaker parts and Saber come in custom Pelli armoured case with extra spare pre-wired cables.

I am also including my MAKOTO Saber and charger. These Sabers are one, if not THE brightest in the world. The photos below are not photoshopped, it really is THAT bright.

Costume come in TWO boxes, one custom padded helmet box and one Large heavy duty wheeled plastic box.


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Folks, I'm based in Northern Ireland here and this comes in two boxes, one which is VERY heavy.
Shipping beyond the UK is going to be expensive...just a friendly warning
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