ANH Tusken Raider head head dress/wrapping/bandages


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Hey all,

For a few months, I have been doing my R & D for my next project (creating an ANH Tusken Raider). Everyone that I have run across has said use duck cloth for the head dress/wrapping/bandages. When I started looking at the duck cloth, I knew that it was not the proper material because of the weave pattern in the duck cloth. Now that the SW Blu-rays are out, I am on a mission to find the correct cloth. I am going launch an attack on my local cloth stores, with high res pix in hand. Hopefully, I will be successful, but if anybody knows by looking at the pix I have posted below, what type of material/cloth it is, I will be grateful for you help in identifying it.





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Thanks for posting these photos. I was actually going to the fabric store at lunch today to buy my duck cloth. I guess I too will be taking these photos as reference with me. I need to look again on my Blu-Ray's, but was there a good capture of the respirator on there too? If so, can you screen capture and post that too, I don't have a way to do that.

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