ANH Stormtrooper helmet question


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Hey folks,

I am close to finishing up my stormtrooper helmet and looking for advice to apply the lenses to it.

What suggestions or advice do you have for doing this?
What type of lenses have you used?

Also, what have you used behind the piece that runs across the nose, between the eyes and mouth (I do not know the official name for this part)? I thought about cutting a piece of window screen and gluing behind it.

Thanks in advance for your help!

- Tim



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Hi, excellent helmet, most helmets use green acetate or some acrylic in green, but there are some like the Hero versions that bring bubble glasses and these are already thermoformed as far as the material that goes in the grids is mesh can be plastic or metal, but it depends on how screen accurate you want it.
I recommend you visit other types of forums to know more about the Stormtrooper helmet, including video tutorials on youtube.
you can start with this site ( ) which has a lot of visual material and information, believe me it is the best you can do

Inquisitor Peregrinus

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The 501st's First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment is an excellent place to overwhelm yourself with all the minutiae of each version of screen-used helmet -- Hero, Stunt, Sandtrooper (admittedly a redirect to the Mos Eisley Police Department bpard), ANH, ESB, ROTJ, Rogue One/Solo...

Because before anyone can really answer your question, we'd need to know whether you're aiming to re-create the look of the helmets from one or another of the movies, or some sort of idealized interpretation that doesn't bother itself overmuch with 100% faithfulness to the source material.

I, personally, like the look of the bubbled lenses over flat, and go with vaderpainter for those. For the frown, I just put a strip of black panty hose material behind the teeth. Other people use plastic or metal mesh. All were used in the various films, and people have their preferences.


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I found a tutorial online on how to use green acetate for the lenses that I think I like and also saw how to add padding to the inside of the helmet.
Thought I may give that a try to see how it works.

Thanks Inquisitor for the suggestion on the frown. I think the panty hose might be perfect.