ANH Stormtrooper helmet Measurements


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With a lot of people building Pepakura and scratch-built stormtrooper helmets, I thought I would post photos of an ANH helmet with tape measure references to aid in sizing the builds.

This is something I wold have killed for back in the late 90's when I was doing my own scratch build.

You'll note in the top down view how completely wonky the ANH dome actually is (part of its charm).

Remember, that if you hold the helmet so that the dome is level, the width, height, and depth are all approximately 12" or 30.5 cm.

If you click on the images while in the slideshow it will take you to the high resolution photo.
Here's some more photos of another ANH cast helmet with a ruler for reference (I forget the source of this photo; it's not my bucket). I have added 1" ruler lines demonstrating the overall 12" x 12" x 12" configuration.
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Hey, this is great, and will help a loads with my build. But I do have a request for a measurement if you are able to do so. Can you do one of how long the frown is, how wide it is at it's widest, narrowest and in the middle. and how big and far apart the "teeth" are.
I joined up just to say thank you for these photos. The teeth and front grill were giving me so many headaches, the measurements for it really help. And if you are the same Space Cowboy who posted the original pepakura helmet I am using for my base, thank you so much for that as well
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