ANH Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster w/ BC 4.0

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    "You can't stay on target with these things. You miss your first shot and you were lying on the ground with a hole blasted through your armor." - Anonymous Stormtrooper

    Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster Rifle


    This is an S&T Sterling airsoft gun that has been gutted and the internals replaced with lights and sounds. This is probably one of the most accurate metal Sterlings you can get without breaking the bank (more or less :) ) on a real deactivated one.


    Rubber T-tracks from TFX Studios
    Super accurate PlayfulWolfCub power cylinders (FISD Forum)
    Replica Hengstler Counter from Blue Snaggletooth (FISD Forum)
    Custom made scope rail
    Vintage M38a2 tank scope (Not 100% accurate to the original but still awesome!)
    Plecter Labs Blaster Core 4.0
    RGB Superflux LED barrel light
    6 segment LED ammo counter

    IMG_0282_zpsri11e35n.jpg IMG_0285_zpsnt6elsrs.jpg IMG_0286_zpsv2pvb1dq.jpg

    The stand is also custom made using a simple design consisting of wood and PVC. I added a piece of sheet metal on the area of the bolt that covers the ejection chamber to give it a more accurate look. When painting the power cylinders, I gave it a crude paint job by intentionally missing spots and even wiping off wet paint. This was to give them a bit of a weathered and used look. The LEDs used for the bar graph display (and the trigger switch) are held in place using a special part I designed and 3D printed myself. The tube protecting the wires from the counter to the Sterling is actually the same type found in Lego Technic kits.

    IMG_0288_zpsvbuve5zn.jpg IMG_0299_zpsqznwncup.jpg

    Build Pics

    a0efd993-e1e0-4ee1-9f66-6aaefdc1b1f2_zps2dzbe4us.jpg IMG_2303_zps10uwdsv0.jpg IMG_2312_zpsk4ygjma5.jpg IMG_2314_zps9fmdxlch.jpg


    This build was much more challenging than it looked but in the end the results are what count and they make me very happy! I can't wait to pair this with my incoming Anovos armor and hopefully join up with the 501st. Thanks all for looking!










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    Looks great! You can get a bit more accuracy out of that scope with some green stuff. Just as I did with mine. Still no paint on it yet, but you get the idea...


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    Yeah that's what people have been saying. Green stuff or bondo to fill in the band. I might but I'll see. I'm still on the hunt for a true m38. I've found 3 so far on eBay but each one has slipped away from me during the bidding war.
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    Great build Machinimax! Any TK would be proud to Troop with a blaster like yours.
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    Very cool blaster. Despite the airsoft Sterling minor accuracy issues you did a great job on this. If you do as SL said with the M38 scope then it will be a fantastic piece.
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    Hell I can get you one right now if you want... pm me

    - - - Updated - - -

    also... great job on this! Like I said in the other forum, this looks legit!
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    With Evike's new airsoft e-11, I figured this was a thread worth bumping.

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