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I am selling my Imperial Staff Officer Costume, ANH style, if anyone would like to add this costume to their collection. I am 179cm/5’10½”, 95kg, chest – 40-42”, waist 36”, leg 30” (short). These will give you an idea of the fit.

Hat – 60-61cm, lined, aluminium disc

Jacket and Jodhpurs – Heavily modified cosplaysky. Neck taken in (to 16½”), Sleeves tapered. Jodhpur shape altered and bottom part taken in and an added elastic strap to go round the foot. If you have calves more than 17” you will not get them on without modification. Waist is elasticated so will fit larger and smaller. I usually wear a belt inside to keep them in the right place.

Belt – Black leather, aluminium buckle

Holster – Brown leather

Blaster – My own rubber cast Merr Sonn Power 5

Boots – Real leather English riding boots, just what they used in ANH. I am size UK 10.5 (US 11), calves again at 17” or so

Rank Bar – Lieutenant (4 blue acrylic on aluminium bar, magnet attachment)

Code Cylinders – (Philoprops) Metal replica dosimeters

Belt Boxes – (Philoprops) aluminium with clips on the back to attach

Belt - heavier grade leather that in the pics so the holster can be worn. Small Velcro strips hold the belt in the correct place.

Belt, Boxes, Rank Bar and Code Cylinders come in a protective case

Asking £500 GBP + shipping, of course collection welcome from Kent, UK.


20170818_114702.jpg 20170818_114706.jpg 20170818_114710.jpg 20210130_131553.jpg 60059446_455717718569379_475064232371552256_n.jpg New Boot 2.jpg
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