ANH Solo Gloves


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Wow! This thread is still alive? I've SINCE found a pair in the junkyard. Not sure if they're from the first run but i wear mine all the time. I was duin a test run on the makeup and threw a few things together as if Joker had recently escaped. He'd still have the jumpsuit on and he'd find gloves somewhere until he had his. Here are pix of the gloves.


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scarf man

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I don't even want gloves anymore TBH, I just want my money back from Russ. :angry

Indy, those look fantastic though.

Jedi Reali

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Wow, I hadn't realized how many people got shafted by Russ. I guess I lucked out... I even sent mine back to swap em for a different size without incident.


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Magnoli yours sure look ace! Now, where were you four or five years ago when I had to get mine custom made and pay through the nose? :p
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