ANH lightsaber blade Reference companion thread

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WELCOME to the ANH lightsaber blade Reference companion thread.

Its purpose is to keep the The ANH LightSaber Blade Reference Thread neat and tidy.

So all comments / discussions that you would normally post there should be posted here instead.

Got it? Thanks !


As I mention at the start of ANH LSBR here are 2 pic’s that have been ref’d in other threads as being a ANH saber blade.



They may be so but there is nothing in the pictures to positively identifies them as such, ie, they’re not in a hilt, there is no hilt at all.

The mop handle in this pic, next to the dots, is very similar in appearance.


I’m not saying that it is that particular mop handle (ferule is too short for starters) but we don’t know what other things were kicking about on set that this could be -

so without any other corroborating evidence those 2 pictures have stay out of the LSBR as they are only possibly a blade.