ANH Hero DL-44 serial numbers


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I'm working on a ANH Hero DL-44 blaster build. It's a Denix. I've gotten it milled for better accuracy. I have also filled the pinholes and filed down the trigger a bit. I also want to add some serial numbers to make it look a bit more authentic. Do we know anything about the serial numbers on the real prop? Has any numbers been identified?

If not I'll just add some random numbers, or maybe 001138. :)


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Of course... ; )

The only part of the SN known is: 2813
It appears on the top left side bevel of the upper receiver just behind the barrel.

The same 4 numbers would have appeared on top of the bolt and across the rear under the safety and on the hammer IF the gun was numbers matching. It likely was not.

blaster hero left hires corrected.jpg

Everything you need to know is here.


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