Unlimited Run ANH Han Solo GUNBELT (DL-44 Blaster Rigg) complete with ALL METAL GREEBLIES by Magnoli Clothiers!

Indy Magnoli

Master Member
We've been working on this for a while now and very happy with the end results!



These are hand made from full grain, heavy duty leather, with all metal, custom made hardware copying the original patterns carefully. There are a ton of little details we included in this rig to improve on other designs I've seen over the years. One thing we wanted to accomplish was to sew all the pouches on by hand so it would have the hidden stitching as seen on the ANH rig. I've never seen anyone do this before.

ALSO... we will be offering a full set of optional METAL greeblies which includes a Droid Caller, two relay units and the green canister. All you need to add is the blaster.


These will be made-to-order, so will take a few months to complete. You can order here: DL-44 Gunbelt by Magnoli Clothiers

Price is $285 (FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE!) without greeblies, or $395 for the full set-up (no blaster).

We will also be offering the greeblies pacakge separately as well in the near future. Not sure of the price yet though.

Kind regards,
Very nice! Might have to upgrade my old Todd’s rig at some point in the future!

I like that you’ll offer these without the greeblies, because I don’t need any more!

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