Angry @ Haunted Mansion Portrait !


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Over a month ago I ordered one of the Haunted Mansion Tightrope Girl Portraits from the Print on Demand kiosk at Disneyland.

It was a little over $40 for a "28 X 17" print and I've wanted this portrait for years - so it that was a small price.

From the very beginning though this transaction was a pile of steaming poo.

First off - my experience with the cashier was unfathomable - it inexplicably took her over a half hour to ring me up because she had no idea what she was doing, as well as the other folk that helped her. I can't even tell you what the hold up as - it was like watching several ducks trying to figure out a door handle....


So after ordering they sent me a tracking number... according to the USPS site, they still haven't received my package. Reassuring.

But today I got it ! My Glorious 17 X 28 poster !


Why does it look like crap ?


I know this is a terrible photo - but LOOK AT ALL THE WHITE !

Aside from the fact that it looks like it was printed with my ass - it's extremely soft and appears to of been printed on a home printer.

The actual measurements are 7 X 23... wtf. Last time I checked - copious amounts of empty space do not count as part of the damn print !

That's like buying a car and someone saying - "There is room for 20 passengers" - Then when you buy it - you ask - 'so where do the other passengers go ?' and they say 'Well you can obviously just strap them to the roof !"

Needless to say - I will be giving Disney's Print on Demand Service a piece of my mind come Monday.

Oh yeah - whomever the hell Heather Kasden is - I have your poster. You can thank Disney for your accurate delivery !

- AJ
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Re: Pissed @ Haunted Mansion Portrait !

This is Disney, you can contact them and they will most likely refund your money. They have even been known to give free stuff to make you happy.
Re: Pissed @ Haunted Mansion Portrait !

I'm so sad by this ! I just wanted this gorram picture... but it also feels good to vent some times .
Re: Pissed @ Haunted Mansion Portrait !

well,you could have a really Thick frame on the portrait... :p
I't sucks that they tricked you.
Hmmm - I think all that white there is so that your framer has something to work with in the framing process. Seriously. Contact a good framer and they will tell you what that could look like in the end with professional framing.

Me, I love it!
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