Andy's Din Djarin BoBF/S2 Costume Build


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So for well over a year now messaging with various makers and a lot of researching I started commissioning mando items last December. Below is my build list for reference, aiming for initially basic approval for a BoBF Din and will endeavor for L2 once a benchmark is available.

Soft Parts and Leather Bits

~ Flight suit top, bottom, flak vest, neckseal, cummerbund, apron, and cape ~ The DarkSide Closet (Ordered amended with CRL changes/Waiting.)

~Additional leather apron, and cape ~ Debora Di Meo (Waiting for arrival)

~ Bandolier, belt, holster, left shin straps, right shin leather wrapped in rubber shin form. ~ Debora Di Meo (Arrived)

~ Boots ~ Crowprops (Need to buy)

~ Gloves ~ Modded stomper gloves ~ The DarkSide Closet (Ordered/Waiting)

Metal Components

~Front buckle, sling clip, grav charge holder, belt plate, swivel mount, tri-glide, knee darts, bandolier and shin cylinders ~ JJ Industries (Arrived)


~ Helmet, chest, abs, left thigh, right thigh, knee, back, hips, butt, left shin, pauldrons, hand plates and gauntlets ~ NomadProps (Waiting for arrival)

~ Rising Phoenix with harness ~ Jon Stark using Josh Gaetz’s [Chamanleon FX] file (Ordered/Waiting)


~ Blaster ~ Cris Martinez [3DFanatics] using Big Fred’s Customs file with Emmanuel Colón Fernández [Filament Freedom] wood grip (Ordered/Waiting)

~ Vibroblade ~ RedzProps (Arrived)

~ Grav charges ~JJ Industries (Arrived)

~ Darksaber ~ Korbanth Sabers (Need to buy)

~ Grogu ~ Ralph Sutter 3D modeled design, cast in silicone/painted by Nigel Chua with custom tailored coat (Ordered/Waiting)

~Child bag ~ Debora Di Meo (Arrived)

First update is on armor! Photos from a few stages of progress come courtesy of the ever talented Sean Gerardi aka NomadProps, an absolute standup guy he’s expertly handling my helmet, armor and electronics package. And yes, the backplate was adjusted kindly by Sean to the correct smooth CRL one before anybody points it out lol. Most of these parts were resin printed on a Phrozen SonicMega 8k then fiberglass reinforced. A bit left to go on a few pieces but I should be receiving my first mystery box of goodies soon! Next update will cover the tasset armor and some electronics!








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Sunday evening video updates! Mandoputer and static whistling birds are installed in the bracers, they are magnetically secured but need a little foam padding to get the right fit. The tasset armor is a special recipe of semi rigid resin for some flexibility without sacrificing durability.



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A few modestly big updates to share first news on the helmet! It was love at first sight more than a year ago when I was scouting for one and saw NomadProps take on it. There are a lot of really great Din buckets available right now and each has their own characteristics and I won't choose sides which is best but for me this one met all my preferences.

My helmet is still progressing but it's shaping up to be a real stunner. Now onto the backplate, Sean kindly re-sanded/filled in the inaccurate line detail to meet the updated CRL standard and its already primed for paint.

Now in case you were wondering when do I get my first shipment? Well spoilers, I already have! I'll be posting about it next time!

E162CC19-B1B3-4A7A-9492-02AC764302A6 (1).jpg

78CA2FB7-DA44-4AD4-8D70-B517C6A828DD (2).jpg

C3BA4FB6-103A-4FDD-954A-1EA9F167C39A (1).jpg


A446BAA9-538B-49AC-8CB2-E0349042F894 (1).jpg

3658860B-966D-40E7-8A18-470B9D313F96 (2).jpg

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