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After working on it for ages, my PG Falcon is nearly ready for painting and weathering. Since I've added custom lighting to it (making up most of it as I go) I'm posting some pics here, in case they help anyone. Thanks to StevenBills for his hints as I started the process and the encouragement to start this thread. (I have a build gallery on Flickr with a ton a photos (with captions), as well: Bandai PG Millennium Falcon Build).

Based on the landing gear, this is the ANH Falcon, but I've added the ring of landing lights, as well as red running lights, a few cockpit console lights, and the two red side-of-cockpit tube lights. All the other lighting is the stock lighting kit. I also added some figures bought from All LEDs and related accessories were purchased from, and I purchased a sampler pack of optical fibers from, but their website is being weird, so they may not be around any longer.

BFMF-20190216-IMG_2701.jpg BFMF-20190216-SPRV1117.jpg BFMF-20190220-SZDL3490.jpg BFMF-20190313-IMG_2967.jpg BFMF-20190316-IMG_2973.jpg BFMF-20190316-IMG_2975.jpg BFMF-20190421-IMG_3555.jpg BFMF-20190427-TJEN7737.jpg BFMF-20190428-IMG_3617.jpg BFMF-20190811-IMG_4425.jpg BFMF-20190811-IMG_4427.jpg BFMF-20190811-IMG_4430.jpg BFMF-20191027-IMG_5356.jpg BFMF-20191029-IMG_5362.jpg BFMF-20191102-IMG_5377.jpg BFMF-20191104-WQOA4403.jpg BFMF-20191122-IMG_E5470.jpg
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Very nice all around. I take the orange part is 3D printed? Very nice and sturdy and stand looks fits the build to as well. Looking forward to more.


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The part looks like the one designed by Lab. I’ve posted it here with his permission.

Yep, that's it. Thanks for posting it :) Once it was printed I sawed off a chunk to make room for the hallway interior piece that sits at the top of the ramp (didn't feel like printing it again). I also modified the big hole in the .stl file to hold the threaded piece I needed.


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Nice work!
And cool avatar. ;)
I was bored yesterday afternoon, so instead of working on the Falcon I did my best to replicate that mash-up of logos. While I did my best to make sure the type was correct, it's not quite faithful to the original, as mine has everything nicely aligned lol (edit: did my best on the original version, as well)

symmetrical and as-close-as-I-could-get-to-the-original versions

Screenshot 2020-03-03 18.29.55.png
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All taped up and nowhere to go. Been using my friend's airbrush, but he has a couple sick family members (looks like it's nothing serious, thank goodness, but I'm still paranoid). Days like this I REALLY wish I had an airbrush.....

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