Andor: Pre-Mor HQ Calculator Background Prop


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Hello hello, I believe I've identified a background prop.
In Ep1 of "Andor", in the Pre-Mor security HQ scene, there is a vintage 1970s calculator sitting on one of the officers' desks:

Screenshot 2022-09-26 102438.png

Screenshot 2022-09-26 102433.png

I'm not sure exactly which model this might be.
The color scheme gave me HP vibes, but their models were generally more complicated with more buttons, etc.
I think this is a TI-1200 with a custom paint job.

I've had one of these lying around for a while, which I stole the bubble strip from for a saber clamp.
I think with a couple of greebles and some black paint on the faceplate, this would be a convincing replica if not the exact calculator model used on the show.



Any thoughts on what some good greebles would be to complete this?
Looks like 3 total
  1. the antenna
  2. the chonky transistor looking thing
  3. the thin butterfly looking thing
It does look like a Texas instrument/Texet box calculator..
They also used the same style case for a slew of basic Number based games back in the 70s.. I bet they've all been plundered for those Bubble strips..
Reply I missed the TI-2500 too, where was that used?
Mine arrived:

Wish we have a better image reference to model the greebles.

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