Andor - Narkina 5 Prison Cell Plate Replica


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I was able to get a grab on a set of magnetic measuring spoons and decided to model the plate:

Doing the plate and the plate docking base, where I planning to install a strong magnet to play with.


  • Narkina.5.Cell.Plate v17.jpg
    Narkina.5.Cell.Plate v17.jpg
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  • Narkina.5.Cell.Plate v17.2.jpg
    Narkina.5.Cell.Plate v17.2.jpg
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  • Narkina.5.Cell.Plate v17.1.jpg
    Narkina.5.Cell.Plate v17.1.jpg
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Looking forward to this, there are so many interesting things to make from the show..
Will you be Vac forming over a buck ?

You could literally make a Shed er Prison load!..


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Base...and video demonstration:


  • IMG_20221123_141018.jpg
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