And… another ANH 5FT falcon. My second attempt.


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Thanks Bjorn!

Yes indeed the Ladder chief and the chassis 'rails' on the outer wall provide some guidance. And honestly, i couldn't have done this with the work in progress pictures from sean and stu their builds. Using those and reconfirming plating and greeblie locations on photos of the original falcon is my workflow.... Sometimes a quick peek at the Bandai PG, for an extra confirm.

Getting there... slowly, but getting ,more confident by the hour. More things fall in place... i guess the beginning is the hardest. (I hope LOL)
But sometimes i forget i already have countless...hours..days... weeks... months of research and staring at this model done, the past years.
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A little update:

3D Printing status:


And a start on the glueing of parts on the mandible sidewall.
Hope it gives me the final pointers for the plating on this side of the mandible....



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GREAT update -- thanks for the pictures!

I swear that top photo reminds me of a Fisher-Price "My First Millennium Falcon" kind of toy for toddlers.

But that bottom picture, with the greeblies, is amazing at how quickly she transforms into the real ship.

Also, can I ask? Are you making your own special modifications along the way, or is your build pure canon? If so, what are the three little pipes coming off the front of the triangular Saladin box on the lower port sidewall?

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