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Star Wars Anakin Starkiller V2 - Complete

Sold for 500.00 GBP - Out of Stock
Hi everyone.

It's with a heavy heart that I'm saying goodbye to my Anakin Starkiller V2.

I promised my long suffering wife that I'd let her go once the parts for my own V2 run came in (the hilt, not my wife :D )

It's a Gen2 I believe, but has the spinning emitter mod.

It's painted/weathered using my own stencils and has screen accurate emitter bending and pommel damage. The clamp (Romans) has been distressed too, along with the Lever (Wannawanga).

It has a SlothFurnace Vintage finish clamp card and a genuine vintage mystery chunk.

I'm going to miss this beauty!

If you'd like to purchase, please use the "Buy Now" button to avoid disappointment, as it's bed time here in the UK, so won't be able to respond to DMs (y)

Thanks for looking and MTFBWY,


I'm asking £500 plus Shipping/fees

**Shipping costs have been calculated to include PP fees and additional insurance (UPS up to £1000)**



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