Limited Run Anakin Skywalker ROTS Outer Tunic Fabric Run

Psab keel

Master Member
Have you been looking for a screen accurate Anakin ROTS Outer Tunic Fabric and are tired of settling for the wrong color or lack of texture? I have 100 yards of what is arguably the most screen accurate material anyone has ever offered.

This is 100% Cotton, custom dyed professionally to match the screen used material exactly. 24" Inches wide (un-stretched) and sold by the yard. This is a once in a lifetime offer and I won't be offering this material again so once it's gone, it's gone for good. So if you're sick of trying to find the most accurate color and texture fabric on the market, stop settling and look no further.

Here is a shot of the screen used swatch from the DAG limited edition book:

AnScreenUsed by, on Flickr

Here are some shots of my fabric with Flash Off:

Anbatch2 by , on Flickr


50978085226_9400069b92_k.jpg Anbatch3 by [url=]FLASH ON
, on Flickr


Anbatch4 by, on Flickr

I sent a swatch to Justin Monk who was kind enough to send me these comparison photos of my fabric with the DAG Limited Edition Swatch. The tiny square of fabric is the DAG (THE screen used fabric) and the larger swatch is my fabric.

DAGandme3 by, on Flickr
justin by, on Flickr
juston by, on Flickr

Here is my Tunic set so far with this fabric:

Anbatch5 by, on Flickr

$20.00 a yard plus exact shipping. I will NOT be doing another run of this fabric so once it's gone, it's gone for good.

Psab keel

Master Member
I'm not taking on any further commissions at this time. Once my tunic set, along with my current log of commissions is done I will be retiring from doing Prequel Era Jedi costumes.

Psab keel

Master Member
I still have about 80 yards left. Considering the average tunic set takes about 10 yards of fabric that leaves enough for around 8 people. Once this fabric is gone, it's gone for good so if you're considering it, PM me!


New Member
This is a long-shot ask given that the thread is a year old and the bumps ceased, but is there any remaining from this run? Pretty much every off-the-shelf and boutique option is still much too light.

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