Anakin Skywalker Glove

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This listing is for a replica of Anakin Skywalker's glove from Revenge of the Sith. This is an officially-licensed glove, which was made by Museum Replicas. About 15 years ago, they were commissioned by Lucasfilm to create a series of high-end replicas. These have been sold out for over a decade, and they're now nearly impossible to find.

This particular glove is a size L/XL. It's new and unused, but the original tag has been removed, and it does have a few flaws. When it arrived, the seam had been improperly sewn at the base of the thumb, leaving a small hole. I repaired this with leather glue, but there is a visible wrinkle at that spot. Also, the leather has a minor scuff near the underside of the elbow. The leather dye has not been scuffed, so this is likely just a natural leather scrape that happened before the glove was made. The winner will receive the exact item in the photos, so please refer to those for a closer look. I'm selling this for $100 less than what I paid.

US Shipping for this item is $9. International Shipping is $27. Thank you for viewing this listing!

DSC_2202.JPG DSC_2203.JPG DSC_2204.JPG DSC_2205.JPG DSC_2206.JPG DSC_2207.JPG DSC_2208.JPG DSC_2209.JPG DSC_2210.JPG

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