Anakin (ROTS) Leather Tabards


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Hello Prop Masters!

I'm currently in the process of putting together a complete Anakin ensemble, the only part of the project I've struggled with is finding and accurate set of leather tabards to use. For me accuracy to the original is the only priority and as far as I've seen the only tabards that have satisfied me are from the old museum replicas ensemble (however these have become next to impossible to find).

My question is essentially: does anyone know of a vendor who makes screen accurate leather tabards for Anakin's ROTS outfit?

Side note: I've seen many speak highly of the tabards, however as far as I've seen they're overly wrinkly which may just be easily fixed by ironing them. If anyone owns the custom props tabards can confirm whether or not they can achieve an accurate look that would also be fantastic.


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Claudio's (custom props) tabards in lamb skin are very nice. Also, I wouldn't iron leather.

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