AN/PVS-5 ECTO GOGGLE Frame replica progress


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Sorry folks that I didn't mention anything about it (shame on me, I know), but I've being working in the background for the past few months, a replica of the AN/PVS-5 ECTO GOGGLE frame (real Night Vision goggles frame used in the GB movies).

Long story short, I've started doing a SCRATCH-BUILT version, but ended up being slightly larger than the real one; and I got my hands on a real frame that Vincenzo on GBFans was/is offering there. I’ve decided to make a mold out of it, and so far... well.... you'll see the progress here COMPLETELY. I’ll be offering these at some point when I get everything together.

Enjoy the read.



Now, here’s the start of the mold process.


I’ve started to cover ALL HOLES. Mainly, the faceplate, which I’m using a custom stencil I’ve done by cutting, trimming and fitting to fit the real frame I’ve got from Vincenzo330, which I’ll be using for the real one later on. I’ve started by covering ALL HOLES by covering the inside with pieces of HIPS or SINTRA plastic, glue them lightly (for temporary reasons) in place, and using molding clay to cover all holes and indentations. Flatten by trimming excess clay for a flat, smooth surface in all holes:




Just to show how I’ve attached the plastic pieces, and how to cover all those holes… MOLDING CLAY!


Making the “bed” for the main mold,



And the main ingredient…the silicone rubber mold cover I need, already cured, and ready to get it’s supporting shell, which I’ll do that tomorrow, since time and temperature didn’t help me (slower process)



More progress today. I’ve completed the mold, and now I started the 1st “tool” (out of two) for the vac-forming process, which I’m planning on doing two goggles per plastic sheet.


In fact, I could use this very same mold to make FIBERGLASS CASTINGS, which will include the snaps details… but I have to think about this one very carefully, though.

Drool, if you must...


After applying a layer of fiberglass inside and a dowel to use as handle to pull the casting, just in case, here's the result. As you could see, same method applies for FIBERGLASS castings, but this is what I'm going to use for the vac-forming method.

I need to make another casting just like that one, along with the face plate molds (wood) I'm planning to do for the real AN/PVS-5 frames, that way to take advantage of the plastic. So Alex, don't be discouraged... your faceplate will come really soon, more likely will be done by next weekend.


Taking advantage of the last of the warm weather left, I’ve finished the two vacuum-forming “tools” or molds for the goggles. Details and “snaps” castings have been sanded down, and the vent holes drilled for the deep details.



Right now, the imperfections have been covered with Bondo, and will be sanded down tomorrow. Also, I’m working with the updated faceplates for the real AN/PVS-5 frames that Vincenzo offered here.


I didn't get to vacuum-form today due to last minute, unscheduled, personal situations (and something I was trying to complete for HALLOWEEN DAY... work and GB-related), but ALL THE PIECES to be used for the process are DONE AND READY!

More likely, I will have my very first pull casting on TUESDAY afternoon, to include the faceplate pieces for the REAL AN/PVS-5 frame... "killing TWO birds on ONE shot", so to speak.

What you see below, is the frame I'll be using for the VAC-FORMING process, to hold the plastic. I'm measuring how much could it handle (based on space available and stuff to fit in one pull. The "eye" looking plugs, are for the extra detail that goes along with the "battery cover" (Note: something you don't see here, is the 2" washers that goes on top of the faceplates for the real AN/PVS-5 frames, but you see the pattern already done for the washers.


(NOTE: These first two castings, one is for Martha, and the other for CAMERON (which I’ll discuss business with him later on). I’ll be making more castings after this pics).

As promised, more progress, with the first VACUUM-FORMED casting.

I couldn’t finish on Tuesday, as I was expecting… but lots of stuff has been ongoing in real-life, specially this past week, besides feeling really tired and physically sick (the FLU starting, perhaps?...). Anyway, FINALLY got the weekend to do this, and I was impressed myself of the result.

First casting, COMPLETE SUCCESS! Except for just ONE small detail, which I’ll mention on the last picture. First off… a REALLY ROUGH cut of the pieces, needed for two sets,


Then, a light rough trim, just for a better look,


And this is the only hiccup; I’ve had to make this slits at both sides of the frame at the bottom edge of the wider detail, in order to take the molds out of the castings, since they got stuck. These slits will be fused together and sealed from the inside before offering. I might come out with a method of taking them out without doing this slit.


The whole kit will include:

  • Batter cover mount detail (as you see in the pictures, that goes between the battery cover casting and the goggle frame,
  • Resin castings of the Power Switch and Battery Cover,
  • Real Thumb Knobs with screws/nuts,
  • Clear Decal set for the bottom of the frames (pic below),


(EDITED to not reflect sale comment)

All holes will be pre-drilled (small, as guides), for you to add snaps and details as you wish.


Finally, got to work on the castings of the face and inside plates for the goggles, not to mention another try on the goggle frame… SUCCESS!!!

First, the casting of the face plates and inner plates for the AN/PVS-5 goggles; the inside plates have the hole guides, while the faceplates SHOULD have them, but I’ll leave that to the owners,





Now, I finally figured out the way to take the mold out of the casting without making the slits on the corners… by cutting away the “mouth” area of the casting, that way will allow me to manipulate the castings and remove the molds (with a little muscle power, though) without damaging either one,




In case you are about to ask or say: YES, I could be able to do a fiberglass casting, with the snaps details INTACT. In fact, I've made only ONE FG CASTING for a friend on the AL GB forums. I'm not planning to do any more FG castings in the near future, since it's not an easy process, specially in COLD WEATHER.

I will post the FG progress here soon.


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-More updates-

This weekend is the LAST of the NICE WEATHER, so I’m expecting cold weather coming in during this week. But I’ve did 2 more pulls today (to make 4 frames).

Unfortunately, I ran out of plastic and I don’t have a response from the plastics supply company I got them from; and also one of the pulls didn’t come out right for some reason, and I didn’t even realized until it was time to cut the parts from the plastic sheet.

Here are the four pulls,


Now, a comparison shot of the good pull (left), and the one that got kind of “not done yet” on the right,


Good one:


Bad one:


They will be offered later on at reduced price due to the lack of detail, but the front and basic shape and size still the same.

I have more HIPS plastic left around, lots, but this one is .040”, making a little thinner than the .060” I’m currently using, not sure how reliable, durable, or strong it could come out once it’s out of the plugs. I just don’t want to make something that’s as thin as those plastic Halloween masks that could break within a week of wear… not to mention TOO FLEXIBLE or flimsy.

More to come soon.

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Looking good so far. I am going to make a set out of a pair of 5B's i have. Same as the 5A's but i had to unscrew the AA batt box and will need to fill in a few more holes than you do. Still need to figure out the electronics though. I want the working bar graph and other lights on the inside. Also need to figure out a way to mount it all in and make it look good. Another one of my projects for next year.
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