An "Office" prop I bet some us have at home

Bizarro Lois

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There's an episode of "The Office" where Dwight and Angela return each other's stuff after breaking up. One of the things Dwight gives Angela is a CPAP, the machine used to relieve sleep apnea. It looked quite a bit like mine, so did a quick search and read that Angela's was a ResMed S8. I found some catalog photos and now I'm pretty sure that I have the same. Here's a link to the Google image: resmed s8 - Google Search
Just thought it was kind of funny and thought I'd share. I'm only about an hour or two from where the show's filmed, so it's possible that's the main model that's sold around here.


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I too found a few Office props in my house. It took some searching, and making a few calls as well as running a few serial numbers, but I finally confirmed the items. I have found paper.... A pencil... A few pens...paper clips....and some glue sticks:lol
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