An apology.

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by LRL, Feb 26, 2012.

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    I offered to host a studio shoot for the model makers on this sub forum. The offer wasn't exactly received well.

    So thread locked, tempers calming, debate stifled, but fair enough, it wasn't much of a debate anyhow. And it set me thinking, why did most of the studio scalers (those that responded I should qualify) act with such suspicion and out and out hostility? I'm sure these were perfectly nice guys who clearly got on with others, so my approach must have been to blame. They were highly changeable in mood and direction, and clearly saw me as a threat of some kind, then I got it.

    Imagine I'd asked to borrow their cars. My car you are welcome to borrow, it is functional and unlovely and I don't feel much of a connection with it, and I'm fairly relaxed about possessions anyway. But imagine this car is a hand made hotrod, the car you've coveted your whole life. Some would be outraged at the mere request. A car is also a very personal possession, a hand built unique car even more so, and these guys were taking it very personally.

    I totally failed to recognise the depth of the relationship that these guys have with their models, and the jealous way they guarded them. They represent in some cases childhood dreams, planned then obsessively and tortuously brought into reality. I was also invading their territory by posting on this sub forum at all.

    And so I blundered into this emotional minefield, thinking of the models as not having yet fulfilled their potential, and generally failing to show sensitivity to some pretty sensitive people. Some kept repeating how expensive their model was, and insisting it had to be shot expensively, I now realise this was as a mark of respect, and my offer of a cheap shoot was in itself effectively seen as an insult to the model and it's owner.

    I only just realised how clumsily I dealt with you all and I apologise wholeheartedly. To me this was a simple matter, just get the right set of people together and play, I even suggested pyrotechnics! What these guys want is the most expensive shoot possible with their prized possessions getting the full star treatment, the way a mother might want the biggest, most expensive wedding for her daughter. I am not really willing to provide this service, this was suppose to be a fun project, and there seems to be little appetite for that. This description is not universal, I found some of them very straightforward to deal with. There may also be an element of the loudest voices not necessarily speaking for the silent majority.

    There is a pretty lucrative, very serious, highly stressful, project there for someone..........else.
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    I like your post, very apt. I am, maybe, we are a skitty bunch, most will testify here, i do bite easily, and i can, no IAM a sarcastic bleeder period, but, im also a VERY accomodating fella too, and will offer help whenever i can.

    I too therefore, apologise for my behaviour, it was sarcastic, and uncalled for, but you are correct, my models, mean a lot, i dont so much as enjoy a strange finger brush on them, but thats also my own OCD.

    Please, if you can come along to the NEC later this year, do so, id gladly buy you a pint and wax on about our toys, then, ill even let you give me a dead leg cos now and then i deserve it!

    Bests, and thanks..... Lee
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    Lee, I saw you had posted and resolved not to read it as I didn't want to get drawn into another argument. Curiosity got the better of me, and I have to say I was astonished. Thank you for your post, I suspect it'll be the only one I get, but I found it very heartening. I will look you up if I can, but are you sure about the dead leg? I really don't know where to get them from.
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    That would be funny if he gave you a dead leg and you fell over and
    busted the probe droid Lee! :lol:thumbsup
    You know in a comedy skit kind of way! LOL
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    In the famous words of Monty Python "It's only a model". Lol.
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    I didn't know about this at all! I would have just been honoured that someone, other than me, would even WANT to photograph anything I had built. It doeasn't matter how expensive or cheap the shoot is to me; it would be more about how adept the photographer is. Sorry it didn't happen, LRL and I would have LOVED to have taken part. Pyrotechnics and ALL! :)
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    Thank you for your encouraging message.
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    I wasn't privy to the previous thread, so I'm not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but I would suggest if you're able to travel to a convention like Wonderfest. You'll be amazed with what you see and the modelers are much more willing to allow you photo access to their pieces.
    The pieces could be set up in a more respectable studio-like setting depending on how much gear you'd want to transport or have available to you there at the show.

    Just something to think about for you.
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    I would like to do a small project wherin we blow up the Avdanced Action Suit.

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