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Originally posted by philippes@Apr 5 2006, 01:48 PM
Unfortunately, the self-righteous are too self righteous to understand their own self-righteousness.


Is this supposed to sound inane? Or could you clairfy for those of us who can't read your mind?
Originally posted by Qui-Gonzalez@Apr 5 2006, 08:42 PM
For all the talk of how young our culture is, name me one that has remained constant since it's inception and I will agree. The French had their revolution, so the base of their culture is actually younger than ours. The British are no longer absolutely ruled by the Queen/monarchy, but instead by Parliament. America is not as young as we would like to think. That is neither here nor there in the discussion though.

I agree its neither here nor there but would perhaps disagree with your above comment. All cultures will evolve and the French revolution and the English Civil War shaped both societies, but its not like both began as “year 1” after they occurred in much the same way as your country didn’t “start” when the American Civil War ended.

In comparison with the other countries, America IS a young country, but thereÂ’s nothing wrong with that, and you neednÂ’t be uncomfortable with that fact. Because its young doesnÂ’t make it any worse.




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Well, seeing as this is a healing thread, and we're dangerously close to defeating that purpose, we're lockin' 'er up.

Thank you, Jamie, for this noble gesture. :)
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