An 8 year old wins 1st place w/foam Master Chief


I know this forum is geared more towards movie props than game titles, but I've learned so much here that I wanted to share my Halo Mark VI foam build.

Last year my son wanted to be a ninja, and he entered the costume contest at my employer's Halloween event. He didn't do very well, so we set a goal of winning this year.

He's a big fan of Halo, and had run across some pictures of a guy in Master Chief armor on youtube. He had his heart set on a MC suit, so I spent a lot of time researching various methods of construction.

I settled on a hybrid suit, Pepukura helmet and foam body panels. It took me about a month, and I was working on it up until 20 minutes before the contest, but got it finished.

My 8yo boy was very proud. A big thank you to all the contributors here. Without you guys posting up your hard earned knowledge this would be a LOT harder!


First place won $75, which give him almost enough to buy his own X-box (he's been playing his friend's and saving towards his own).

Thanks for all the pics and videos. They really helped! I have WIP images if there is any interest.
Congrats to both you and your son. Working for his own xbox is so much more gratifying than you getting for him.. plus it's a great lesson about saving money, etc. Great suit!
That's great! Your son must be glad to not only win, but win some decent cash too. Kudos to you as well for being a cool dad and taking the time to make the suit. From the pics it looks great.
Congrats to you an your son! Setting a goal and helping him achieve it gets even more stars in my book!

He looks great and I'm sure you feel great for helping him! Thanks for sharing!
That suit looks way better than anything I've managed with foam so far. Very cool build and this should encourage my friends to do their suits.
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