Amy Pond Costume Ideas?


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My daughter wants to go to DragonCon as Amy Pond...any ideas on where to find Amy Pond clothes? (I am so not a seamstress) I think we'll need a red wig as well, or some hair color that can be washed away quickly.

well you can go with a few different outfits for amy but this is personally my favorite

not very difficult to find the parts of this costume
just some boots, leggings, shorts, leather jacket, and a sweater
You're better going with a wig. Hair (unless natural) is very difficult to get ginger (trust me i tried!). Your best bet is charity shops, your local supermarket with a clothing section and primark (if there's one near you) or some sort of budget clothing shop. As for the wig, ebay is your best bet. I say this because that's how I made most of my ones :p


Vampire's of venice, Pandorica opens/ The big bang

Pirate pond

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So as you can see there are many ones you can make out of things found in your wardrobe and charity shops etc.
Hope this helped :)
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