AMT Peterbilt Wrecker Parts?


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Hi all,
I bought an old Perterbilt Wrecker Kit for the wheels to complete my Training Remote. Before I send this to the trash, are there any parts from this kit used on anything else?
One would think so, but AFAIK it wasn't. Maybe by the time they made the Training Remote, ILM had already made all the other ANH models. (But they did use other 1/25 AMT the Peterbilt the only one with chrome wheels?)
I never had the AMT wrecker, but I've had the chrome hubs in my stash until my wife threw them out (by accident). Yes...we are still married. lol.
I'm assuming that there should still be some kits out there with chromed wheels.

Rather than throwing the rest out, ever thought about maybe seeing if a big rig modeler might want it? I don't believe that kit has ever been reissued and replacement wheels should be easy enough for them to obtain.
not to go OT,
but last i heard/read, the remote doesn't use the uses the kenworth T600??
can you point me to where/why you think the wrecker is the rims?
I was advised that the wheels on this model and the T600 are so close that it's almost impossible to tell the diff. I couldn't get my hands on an old T600 when I did the build.

The kit is now spoken for and will be showing up on some scratch builds in the future.
Build on!
Not sure if it's used on anything but I would sell it or use it for scratch-building.

Hey, if you ever come across, say, a Sealab or 1/15 Hummel that you want to throw away....then let me know. I'll pay you for the chance to dispose of them! :D

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