AMT/ERTL Slave 1 model... Need assistance


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About 5 years ago, my sister bought me the re-release [and repackaged] 1995 AMT/ERTL SW Slave 1 model. I've never put it together and it's sitting here on my bed next to me, waiting to be put together. My fiance, who is a fairly good model builder is going to make it for me. But I want it to look better than it would just following the directions and painting it.

Question: Are there any aftermarket parts and or decals, etc for this particular model? And where can I find them?

Pics of the model
Slave 1 1/85 Plastic AMT/ERTL Model Kit - - The Star Wars Model Kit Gallery
AMT/ERTL Star Wars Slave I

Slave 1 Star Wars (amt38306) AMT Science Fiction Plastic Models

If anyone can help me, I'd be most greatful! :cool


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I don't know of any after market parts, however, if you search for reference images of the studio filming model and compare those pics with the kit, then it shouldn't be too difficult to accuirize what's needed through greebles and scratchbuilding.

Good luck with the build, looking forward to the pics!


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Hi LadySythe

As Scratchy said there are no after market kits (That I have ever heard of). However the most noticable modification that most good builders do to the AMT Slave is to remove the raised pannel lines and rescribe the lines. Through in a few greebles in the cockpit, and a good paint job and it can look great. There are some good builds here and on

The paint job is the hero of the Slave 1 in my eyes.

good luck

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