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Hi does anyone have an Amity Gazette Logo I'm trying to reproduce a newspaper, like this one but different (more realistic stories not just about sharks) if anyone can help I'd be most greatful

also if anyone has any Suitable images or ideas for articles that would be good too. I have the 5 I want to put in but any others would be good, as need a double sided page anyway, also i'm going for a UK Tabloid sizethat way I can print the page on A3 I think ...

any adverts you think would be good also

heres an image I found on a google search not sure who did it though

amity gazette logo.jpg
ok now got stories sorted out for the gazzette only going to be tabloid size so that it can be printed onto A3, all i need now are a few images of Quints Ship and Quint, and ben gardners boat, and one of the Welcome to Amity sign that was defaced.

also looking for (although this is not conected to the paper) an Amity Police ID and Badge, any Ideas,...


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