American Horror Story


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I'd swear Stephen King wrote this. I was left with so many questions...who is real, who is a ghost, who is in the gimp suit and who is in the basement?


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I just watched it (recorded it on the DVR) and it was okay. Not really great, but okay. Not sure if I'll watch the next episode or not.


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The maid reminds me of the Ghostbusters girl. I think something like this was in The Shining too. Some weird stuff is going on in and around that house.


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actually i am really liking it. The connect the items together makes little details pay off. The second time I watch an episode I was able to tie everything together at least so far.


if the show goes with this pace i don't think it'll last for too long. so far the main characters aren't really likable and the plot is all over the place.
i have high hopes for the show, so i hope things get better soon


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My wife and I are enjoying this as well, it feels like True Blood meets Dexter meets Six Feet Under to me. Creep factor is high, plot is complicated so watching the first episode is key as everything starts to build on that, My wife said that I had my mouth gaped open for most of the first episode, didn't even realize it. My mind was just trying to consolidate what the hell exactly I was seeing and hearing. Love it when a show does that to me.


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Great show, you really have to be into the weird stuff, it reminds me of H.P.Lovecraft stories, especially the part which shows the first owner doing expirements, also the Intro is very horror-like, I like it.

I don't like the part where the house is part of a tour attraction, it makes it to populair in a sence.

What I do like is the characters, very "Devil's rejects-like", I'm facinated withJessica Lange's Character, she's almost as nasty a Mother Firefly, The Boy has some dark macabre secret, some Dr.Jeckyl and Mr.Hyde thing, I think he's the Monster in the Basement after seeing Episode 5 last week, I'm almost convinced.

Don't know about the rubber-guy, could it be the burned guy's alter-ego???


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Anyone frustrated with the current pace of "The Walking Dead" should try catching up on this show. It was a little too weird for me in the beginning, and seemed to rely on that. However, it has now drawn me in, and each episode seems to pack more and more in.


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Personally, I'm loving this show. It's got scare, it's got gore (but not too much gore), it's got mystery and it's got sex appeal. I don't know if it can last beyond two seasons because I think there's a point where after one or two years, no matter how much of a loss you take, you'd get out of a house like that. Plus the mysteries can only go on for so long... but I'm enjoying what I'm watching so far.


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Great show! Wonderful creep factor and Jessica Lange is doing a fantastic job. Very happy to hear they've already been picked up for another season. :thumbsup

Now, if they'd only give me something to make from the show!!

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