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I know this may not be the coolest thing on the site, but my friend's wife is having their first child, and "Amelie" is her favorite movie.

I've been banging my head against a wall for the past couple of days trying to find an exact duplicate of the gnome used in the movie! I could not find any reproductions or any reasonable facsimiles. I would appreciate any help people on the forum could offer.


He is THIS gnome, apparently formerly handling a wheelbarrow.
Again, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
That's so funny, I remember looking for this gnome for quite sometime as well years ago. Like you did, I found out he was the one that holds the wheelbarrow and last time I saw was a couple hundred dollars.
This is the lawn gnome you're looking for:


That's the first thing that came up when Google-fu'ing. Other information says it's a Woodland Garden Gnome called "Al with Wheelbarrow", it's a medium garden gnome, 40 cm tall, and the one in the film was just slightly altered. Here's the old Amazon listing for it.

It seems they no longer make this model. So, short of finding a decent alternative, which there turns out to be one that looks slightly similar, your best bet would be to make one yourself or wait till one crops up somewhere.
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Truly ...your Google-fu is stronger than mine.

At least I'm now armed with a name, that will definitely help. I would make my own, if I could, but sculpting is not in my wheelhouse.

Thanks for the help!
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