Amber Lens swap procedure for WW2 American Optical AN-6530 Obi Wan "Hello there" Goggles.


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These are WW2 pilot's goggles, I wanted to pick up a set of these, as they appeared in the Obi Wan last episode. However, the ones I picked up then didn't have the correct amber lenses, and were really deteriorated to the point where I just wanted to preserve them, not restore them. I picked up another pair while on vacation so I would have a set I didn't worry about falling apart too much. I also snagged a few sets of WW2 era amber lenses.


The lenses I ordered ranged from December 7, 1944 to Jan 31, 1945. I decided to keep the '44 versions intact, and opened the '45 versions.


The new (to me) goggles came with clear lenses, so I needed to carefully replace them.


First, I had to unhook the strap from the back of the frames where they pin together...


Once the strap pins are out, the ferrules on the outside edge slide off, and allow the frames to open to replace the lenses.


Lens and eye cushion removed very... very carefully. These have been in here around 78 years so I am very delicate not to break the brass retaining ring with this step.


One lens in, and eye cushion returned to the positioning pin going through the brass retaining pin. Those parts are oh so tiny so I am super careful here...


Both lenses replaced, cushions returned, and ferrules pushed back into place.


I may try and source a one-piece eyecushion which is on my other set, and more screen-accurate to the scene, but I may leave these as-is for now.


In any case, I'm really happy with these


Thanks for listening to my Ted talk. These will be for cosplay and work research, as I will add a player equip able version of these to SWTOR.


My other set will stay the way they are, as if they'd been in the desert for decades to go along with my ANH Obi saber.
Thanks for lookin'!
Sure thing! The most finicky part is getting each cushion retaining ring seated on that tiny pin poking into the lens cavity from the nose area.

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