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Just thought I would start a FREE thread for the WANTED poster for the amazing spider-man movie which has been released. Just a few examples I have done today. Please feel free to copy them, re-work them how ever you like.
Hmmmm, wounder how long it will take to see one on ebay?? Lol.:)

Here is the first one:

The font I have used is called "Guatami" if that wll help

And the second pic is my text ontop of the picture I found yesterday:

And the third picture is just something I did, as in the trailer it looks like there is one which is just of spidey's face:

So there we go, I hope they will help those of you out which wish to have one of these as a replica paper prop.
This was all just a quick version, with more time I will be able to do better, but for now there you all go.
Thanks Carl.


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I like the last one, looks the most legit. You could even expand the idea by making the paper old and yellow, and then put a cowboy hat on spider-man :)


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Great work...

Just one question, did you mean to ghost the test in the bottom right hand corner? The word LIMITED is kind garbled.

I have not seen the trailer or this image, so I thought I would ask....

- Skyler101


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Ha Ha, no it was not meant to be a ghost cover, its the top image (my text) ontop of the released poster. The writing just overlaps some what. But very spooky :)


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They have been deleted due to me needing the room to upload other pictures for other threads. Sorry.