Amazing Spider Man 2012 sculpt


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hi all
Over the holiday I thought I'd get started on another new Project that I can do along side some others I have on going, this one will not be rushed out so long as it's done before the film in JUly I'll be happy

The plan is to finish off the body sculpt first and then mold that and then use the neck as a pocket to have the option of either the masked spider man or possibly a likeness of Andrew Garfield that can just slip into the body

anyway here's the early stages of the body


thanks for looking


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Amazing...... Never a truer word spoken? Seriously nice effect on the Spalding suit, reckon we may see this at any upcoming UK events? Love to see this up close, your work is breathtaking!



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thanks guys :)
yes hopefully this will be ready for the next uk rpf prop party mate ;)

it's a chavant lbt clay sculpt using a tool to individually punch in the pattern and then I'm using wax sheets for the spider and patter design to make it nice and sharp

If I was to start again I'd probably use a chavant hard as it's been tricky keeping the punched details perfect because of the clay moving very slightly so it's just a matter of doing it over and over again until they all look as good as possible and not smudged lol

just working on a new stamp tool for the black mesh area over the blue part of the suite

Painting this is going to be as a much a pain as the sculpt

would people prefer to have the Garfield head in a trans resin with a wig or sculpted hair to keep the price down or a silicone with punched hair ? just thinking what more people would like to see done ?

thanks again for looking


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Awesome, hope we get to see it! As for the noggin' you "could" have the mask on, seeing as its Garfield, and not that Toby whatsisface, it may "stay" on in more than a light breeze LOL.

Nah, seriously, i like the trans resin idea, sounds trick.



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Whao, nice to see an Andrew Garfield Spider-Man in the works. I'd love to see the Garfield head with silicone and punched hair, but that is just me. Love the look of the suit so far, good good stuff. If it wasn't for TDKR then 2012 would be the year of Spidey for me personally. TBH, I'd jump at the chance for a battled looked with him unmasked like from the first official pic. Have a dirty/bloody look but that would require some changes to the suit as well. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this.


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thanks everyone who's taken the time to post here , been a little slow but almost finshed the front section now
I'm just working on a new tool to use for the black netting over the blue areas of the suite



as this will be in resin it should be possible to make the changes to the finish and make it battle damaged, have to wait and see when it's all done but a dremmel should make it work out ok

I hope to make a few copies so some will be available and for that reason I'll stick with resin to keep the price down as this is a big peice and will weigh a lot without a silicone head. best stick to trans resin for the Garfield and normal resin for the rest
thanks again for looking


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Nice detailing, great sculpting skills! I´ll watch this thread for sure!
I´d love to see a version with interchangable heads for masked and Garfield option.
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