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So I've run into a bit of a problem. I got through most of the suit done, had it sewn by a local tailor, and I figured that I was done with putting the suit together at the very least. However, as I went to try it on, some of the seams popped and I have been stressed out about the suit ever since. I took it back to the guy and he resewed some of the holes, but I'm still not 100% on how I can wear it. The seams are all straight stitched which I now know doesn't hold up well, especially for something like Lycra where it has to stretch as I wear it. Even worse is how the zipper was set up. It's not an invisible zipper and the way it goes down from head to under crotch area makes it so uncomfortable that I can barely even sit down without the whole thing pulling from head to crotch, which easily results in ripping again. I know I've checked over and over again and my size for the suit is for 6'1" to 6'3", and I'm 6'1". I'm worried that maybe it still isn't the right size. Do any of you guys think it's supposed to be so tight to pull around my back and around my wrists as I pull the sleeves on? I know the seams have to be zig zag for the fabric to stretch, so I'm wondering what should I do now? Do you guys think I should get it resewn by someone like TrophyWife, or scrap it all together and buy a bigger costume starting from scratch? I've put a lot of hours into this thing and spent a lot along the way. I'm hoping there's a way around this where I can finish it and be able to wear it.


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what i think is the tailor used the wrong kind of stitch. and is this the first time your tailor work on spandex suit ?
So I'm guessing that it's not a screen print since you say it's so tight and there is no white showing through. Looks like a lot of work on the webbing and hex pattern as well, dude this sucks I'd be pissed at my seamstress for this one. The stitching makes a huge difference so a straight stitch will break again, it's only a matter of time. My opinion, again my opinion, is that if it's already tight any attempts to get it re-sewn would only make the suit smaller. Seeing all the time that you have spent on it I would have to suck it up and attempt to have it sewn right because I know that if sewn right a Lycra suit can withstand a lot of stretch, but again you run the risk of lousing fabric having it fixed. It's your call man, sorry and hate to see something like this happen. I had a suit that was done by a sub par seamstress ruined as well, SUCKS, that's why I go with the experts like Trophy Wife and Cha0tic whom I have dealings with and I know can do an excellent job. Again just my opinion. Best of luck to you.
As far as I know, yeah. I visited several others around my city and basically all of them turned me down because it looked to complicated. The guy that did it for me was at least eager to do it, but it was very difficult to communicate with him as well, which kinda doesn't surprise me that the suit didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.
Just to clear up, it's an Orhadar pattern printed on white Lycra. The thing is I put in a lot of hours with puffy painting the brick pattern on the blue portions and the webbing, so I feel like maybe getting it sewn would do it some justice. However, if it doesn't all work out in the end, should I start with a new suit, or just go out and buy a store costume (I know it sounds crazy, but at that this point, I'm really discouraged about the whole project)? Do you have any recommendations as far as where to get a print, maybe some free ones :) ? I'm thinking about doing an Ultimate Spider-Man or classic Spider-Man outfit if I do another.
Zentai zone has great suits,proper custom tailoring service and decent customer service (communication).They also have TASM2 lenses that you can glue on,so that and the puff painting will be your contribution.One service I wish I had known of is that they will glue on soles under the feet on request.
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