Amazing Mold Putty?

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Bizarro Lois, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Bizarro Lois

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    Amazing Crafting Products
    Has anyone ever used this? It's made by Alumilite. There's a 2 part rubber plus a clear and opaque resin available. Are these worth it?
  2. boodha

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    I've not worked with any of these products, but they look promising. Thanks for the link!
  3. Johnny Fever

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    I have used Alumilite’s resin (clear & black) in the past and had great results. The clear would probably do better with a pressure pot though. Never have used the mold putty but it looks interesting.

  4. jedimaster

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    Not that brand but here in Oz we have Barnes 2 part silicon putty. It's great for molding kitparts etc where only a one sided mold is required. You just mix two equal parts together with you're hands. It's kinda like plastescene. One it's mixed you just press it o ver the subject. It cures in 8 mins. Then just pour you're resin. The whole process from molding a negative to pouring a positive and holding it in you're hands takes about 25 mins. It's good stuff.
  5. jarvis

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  6. tsenecal

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    i have used their mold putty, and it is kind of weird. It doesn't lay down over extreme surface detail the way you would expect. it will distort if you try to press it into the details. I am staring at a 2" tall elephant that i copied using the stuff as a test, and there appear to be wrinkles all over the place, where the putty "creased" on the surface.
  7. Bizarro Lois

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    If you are able to post pics of the original and the copy, I'd love to see what you mean.
    It sounds like it would work best for simple, less-detailed originals.
  8. BlackMarketMagi

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    I have used it a lot. I find it works well on small objects, up to a half dollar in size. I use it mainly for buttons, knobs, embellishments, that kind of stuff. It works quick, and is easy to use, which lets me get back to work fast. They sell it at Michaels.
  9. MrSinistar

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    Yeah, I saw it at Michael's as well, but I wanted to hear what others had to say before I bought some.
  10. Bizarro Lois

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    Well, if it's available locally, it might be worth a try.

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