Alternatives to Spray On Wax Mold Release Agent?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Sucre, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Sucre

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    So, I'm building a Daft Punk Guy Man helmet for Halloween, and I'm going to do a brush on mold. Before I do the brush on silicone, the helmet is going to be layered with bondo, and then coated/sprayed with Rustoleum primer. Do I even need to use the spray on (budget and not sold in my area) and if so, can I use spray on cooking oil, vegetable oil, olive oil? Please do not suggest Vaseline/petroleum jelly, I can't get that where I live.
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    If I may ask, where do you live that you can't get vaseline there?
    Don't know if cooking oil or something like that will do the trick (or perhaps even effect the result), but some paste wax should work fine.

    When in doubt, you can always do a test with a small amount of your materials
  3. Sucre

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    Will I need release agent for a brush on mold?
  4. animefan

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    No you dont
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    No release agent necessary when molding with silicone, unless youre molding something that's made of silicone.
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