Alternative Spiderman Suit - Newbie Approach



Whats good Fellas,

I signed up in the forum some time ago originally looking to purchase an iron man helmet but after looking at all the awesome work that has been done i've been really inspired to try something on my own.

Now i want to create a Spiderman suit but an alternative one inspired by some other costumes such as Deadpool and Wolverine respectively Logans "normal" look.

I'm currently working on sketch of the costume but since my drawing skills suck the description will need to do for now.

In this thread I will ask you guys for advice, feedback and just keep you up to date if you are interested.

The Suit:

The Torso & Mask - I am thinking Spiderman 3 (Black Spidey) look. I will need to get a tight black lycra for my upperbody, definitely want webbing on the chest piece because in my opinion it simply is a big part of the spiderman suit! (Never was a fan of the Ben Reilly one). I am not entirely sure how to go on about the spider emblem on the chest can anyone give me a hint there?
(or any other suggestions? where to get it from or prints? Just had a look at spidey4fun page his stuff looks good)

What do you guys think about Spiderman Masks? I got one previously so I think i will reuse that one


Neckband - Yup im going to give Spidey a neckband, like the one you usually see Deadpool wearing to keep his Mask in place. I will go for a black leather one, probably a plain one. But if i find anything good with studds i could go for a more darker/goth look. This is because i want a detachable Facepiece.

Leatherjacket - Love it on Wolverine, love it almost all of the time. Heck I kinda even liked Ricochet with it! Spidey should get a black leatherjacket, I will want to make it look worn off a bit like its been used a lot while hanging around in the rain waiting for a scoop.
Further i want to have the classic spideylogo on the back of the jacket.
I am not quite sure yet how I should do so, anyone got a suggestion?
Only idea I have come up with would to paint it on the back using some waterproof colours & template.

Gloves - I am thinking fingerless, black with web patterns, those short Possibly go for a weathered look. I will probably try to grab some fairly cheap ones so i can buy 3 or 4 since the first pair probably will not be the best looking. Something like this maybe?

Jeans - Thinking black or grey faded skinny jeans accompanied by some heavier (looking) boots.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions etc. Are heavily appreciated
for custom emblems hit up sonofpumpkin, his real name is daivd. He made my custom emblem, casted in silicone. just search his username here on the rpf. Good luck on the build
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