Alternate Timeline Lewis Machine Gun


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Hello RPF! This is a thread documenting my progression with my scratch build Lewis-like Machine Gun. It is for a alternate timeline webseries I am part directing. Now fair warning. I am terrible at documenting stuff like this but I use the RPF so much for research I decided I should try and give back to the community. So here is the first build info.

This is my first step. I drew out the design for the main body then I glued two boards together to increase the thickness. Once the design is cut I will leave parts of it sharp edged and later paint metalic. However the Stock and Grip parts will be rounded down then stained. For the barrel I will be adding a PVC pipe cuppler then pipe. I decided on the PVC pipe cuppler so that if I wanted I could adapt the barrel portion of the gun. That is all for now but I will be updating very soon!
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