Alternate ROTJ Han blaster in deleted scenes


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Hello everyone,

Apologies if this has been already covered, have searched but might just be my search-fu is weak...

Was bought the SW Blu-rays for my recent birthday, and sat down tonight to watch the deleted scenes, and in the ROTJ extended bunker fight scene, for the first three 'battle' parts, Han is using a blaster i've never seen before - it has what appears to be an uncut barrel, with a 'flash hider' that ive never seen before either that looks perched on the end, giving it even more length, and a scope of more ANH style/length mounted backwards. In the end alternate 'rebel scum' scene, he is back using the usual ROTJ han blaster. I have no BR player on the PC to take screen caps unfortunately, but feel sure I cant be the first to notice this.

Amy info out there on this blaster?
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