Altair Costume (Assassin's Creed)


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Hi all,

I don't really post here much, but I needed some help. I'm trying to get an Altair costume together for a work Halloween party. I picked up the Museum Collection boots on ebay for a pretty good deal, and I'm pretty happy with them. I also got the (very cheap) soft parts off ebay from a China based ready made costume supplier, which I haven't received yet. I'm not in any way shape or form able to sew my own, nor do I have anyone who can.
My question is this. I know that the fake leather parts that come with it aren't going to be very good. I want to get decent parts. I have seen some sites that have some pretty good looking leather parts. Has anyone seen or dealt with the Museum Collection "belt" or vambrances? What does the back of the belt look like? Does it have the pouches? Anyone can point me in the right direction? Thanks a bunch.
I'm not going for super duper accurate. Just nice, not "rubies" like and so my office mates will be impressed.
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