Star Wars Almost all parts to build your Hero macros. (repros lenses)

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Hello there,
I'm selling a big bundle of parts to build Luke's Hero Macros.
the bundle is made of:
- already unassembled Eumig camera
- already unassembled Seagull big button (that's a really hard part to unassemble, saves you the trouble :))
- already unassembled bell and howell button
- real Kalimar hood
- resin transition box
- resin mystery wedge
- vintage EIAJ male + female plugs
- 2 Seagull small buttons
- 2 Kalimar small buttons
- 2 resin REPROS Kalimar lenses from a run here. they are a bit deformed but I include them for free in the bundle as a very nice place holder while you look for real ones.
- Bantha slide (not included in the general photos but it will be there :))

what you still need to get: an aluminium or resin lense plate and real lenses if you want and can afford them, and a belt clip if you one on it.

Everything is already disassembled and a lot of research and work is already done for you. You just have the nice part left to do: Putting it all together :)
It's all in one place, it's disassembled and lighter to ship, it saves you a lot of time and a lot of shipping cost too.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

price is 875€

shipping costs:
France: 9€
Europe: 18€
rest of the world: 45€







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