Alliance Federal Troopers from Firefly

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    This is my Alliance Federal Trooper costume - currently standing at 95% completion. It is partially screen accurate - this is my "if Joss had the budget to make the Feds awesome" version.

    I have screen used Starship Troopers B armor from SST3 and a helmet from the same. Also I have included the knife rig, also screen used from SST. The L85 is the same as the one seen in the show, as well as the flightsuit. I am not sure that the holster is 100% screen accurate, but I do know that the Fed troopers packed a drop leg and a 9mm M9 pistol - so we have that.

    I have added a few Extended Universe options to the uniform. I have included a SST neck ring. The armor just looked silly without it in my humble opinion. Additionally I have added 2 flashbang pouches by Voodoo Tactical which hold my 2 Serenity grenades perfectly. Voodoo also supplied my ammo pouches for my spare L85/M-16 clips. Those are attached to the armor chest piece.

    The leg armor worn by the Alliance Feds in the show has never been identified as a commercial product - and all attempts that I have seen trying to reproduce it have resulted in failure. Therefore I have decided to go with SWAT style shin armor. I will be using Centurion full shin armor. That will be the final piece. The elbow armor has also been changed slightly. In the show, the Feds are using regular tactical elbow pads. Though I have some of those, I decided to swap them out for some Lacrosse elbow armor. The silver bits have been painted black, and the silver elbow ball in the photo will be black in the final version.

    I have also added a patrol cap (cause what do the troopers wear while they are not wearing helmets right......) and I am sporting a small tactical CamelBak. (because it is hot in this uniform and Atlanta is hot in the summer - lol)

    I also have a tactical knife that will be mounted on the armor shoulder as well and some black plastic zip-tie handcuffs. Those particular details are not yet added to the uniform - but they will be seen in the final pictures.

    Anyways - have a look and tell me what you think.

    This is an example of the screen used rig - notice that the trooper is packing a MP5SD - the Feds in the episode "Trainjob" are packing L85's which I have associated to be the main Alliance weapon.
    This is another screen shot - showing a better shot of the armor.

    So without further ado - here is my version.
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    Really nice looking Fed you got there :)
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    Browncoats forever, but even so it is mighty shiny to see Firefly getting some love. Nice work. Would love to see close ups, and here what you did to make the armor.
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    Looking good friend!
  5. SirNedKingsly

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    Ill post some close-ups once the costume is at 100%
    I am waiting on the shin armor and finishing up the paint job on the elbow pads.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

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