Alleged Screen Used Hero TOS Phaser up for auction (now the aftermath)


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Here is the main story, from a YouTuber who normally covers speedrunning and retro gaming. It's been picked up by quite a few major news outlets, as well. The video is long, but fascinating. There is a lot of moving parts, and it can get a bit confusing at times. It's not clear, as yet, how accurate all the reporting is, but it doesn't look good.

Ho… ly… CRAP. I wish I had seen this video and learned more about the subject matter last year, when it mattered more. Quite an eye-opener, especially regarding the auction house in question, its principals, and the secrecy surrounding this auction. Very, very disturbing information, if true.


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The facts of the formula change are known, what is unknown is if it was deliberate misdirection by Coke or if they just got super lucky with the way things worked out.
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I checked out that Azarian Collection on FB. There’s a certain piece on there that looks… familiar, though the photo is far too fuzzy to be conclusive. Anyone have any thoughts? It certainly makes me wonder about the rifle…



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My joke wasn't as good as I originally thought. ;)

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