Alleged Screen Used Hero TOS Phaser up for auction (now the aftermath)

Alan Castillo

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robn1 , I think they definitely have themselves a live one.


Should I send the pic to them with a bill ? :lol:

They have to circle the tells themselves though :lol:
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Anyone else notice that HeroComm's website has been down for a couple days now? All anyone gets is a "403 Forbidden" error.

Too coincidental to be unrelated.


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It's actually been a little while now and the Trek Prop Zone has been down almost as long. It makes you wonder if the 2 are connected in some way.


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Want to have a few laughs? Search this on eBay:
Star Trek Midgrade Phaser, Requiem for Methuselah


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From the listing (the bold emphasis is mine):

Darrell Hyde was known throughout Star Trek Prop collecting as a TOS Phaser Expert. Darrell passed away in 2008 from complications of the flu. Darrell Hyde was known as “Phaserfetish” on numerous prop boards. He passed rather young in his 40’s and was survived by a Wife and Son.

Darrell was also an acknowledged expert on so-called “Mark English” Phaser "fakes".

The irony of this statement being made in this listing by this seller is staggering. Too bad Darrell isn’t here to help sniff out some modern fakes.

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