All metal NN-14 blaster build. Looking for the best reference material.


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Hi there! I'm a long time lurker on the RPF now, but kinda want to get into the mix myself. Really want to build an all metal NN-14, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding the most accurate photos, and such. I'm a bit of a machinist, so I'm hoping to finally stretch my legs out on a blaster build. Any help would be super appreciated! I've been wanting a nicely detailed NN-14 for a while now.


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Wired did a article with some of the props when TFA came out this is a good one I’ve saved


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Good info here Rey's Gun TFA

Be wary of the "Launch Bay" pics as those are not screen-used and some details are different in their construction. They seem largely the same, but the phrase "trust but verify" comes to mind :)


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Yep Halliwax's pic is the best public ref. Also if you are interested, I did a whole 8 part youtube series on the making of my metal blaster way back. Maybe it could be useful. Here is the playlist.

Also solos hold blaster is very accurate as well. His is probably more accurate scale. Youd have to ask him but i think its right around 11" long. Mine was about 11.5 i think.

I started with the launch bay stuff and then had to change everything.

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