All Metal Aluminum and Brass Iron Man Mk1 Arc Reactor (pic intensive)


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A few years ago I made a few resin/acrylic arc reactors. My biggest disappointment was that it was not self contained as I needed to house the batteries in the base. So I decided to go about re-designing the internals and while I was at it, instead of laser cutting acrylic like I did for the last batch, I had the waterjet cut. The reactor is powered by 4 CR1216 batteries triggered by a reed switch.

rear cage fins:

brass ring assembly: Five rings as requested. I am quite pleased at how that came out

from the side:

after some sanding and paint on the base aluminum plate:

parts to make up the greeblie platforms, alignment jigs for the fins, and misc. parts.

some progress pics of the prototype assembly

the electronics kit, simple but effective. The magnet is glued to rotating the base plate, which when moved over the reed switch closes the circuit, then voila!

Here is a the nearly completed prototype I'm just waiting on the wires that connect the transformers to arrive.