All in one shoes


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So this is a general issue that applies to a lot of characters particularly in videogames. Let's use Sombra from Overwatch as an example but there are others.

I am taking this as inspiration for an original design but I like the very lightweight look it gives her lower legs.

So what exactly is Sombra supposed to be wearing on her legs/feet? Very long boots? Tights with shoes that happen to match in finish? Bodysuit with some sort of rubber sole integrated into it? I think that's what it is, I think it's a wetsuit style thing with moulded in soles on it, but I can't make THAT...

How on earth does one make this into a practical costume that a) looks good, and b) without getting wet feet if it rains? Do I have to get into moulding rubber parts? (Sigh now I need a vacuum chamber for de aerating silicone)

She looks very slinky and athletic especially with the separate toe style, like Vibram Five Fingers or Fila Skeletoes, or those stick on soles, but none of them are really right.







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