All Aluminum Rocketeer Jetpack build


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Hi everyone. I just wanted to show off my latest Rocketeer jetpack. This one is all done in aluminum except the engines and fan, which are plastic. I did a full build tutorial video on the steel one I built a few years ago. This is one is FAR more accurate and just way nicer overall. I also recorded an in depth video comparing this version to the less accurate steel version. This is one I did for a commission recently. $4,500 is a hefty price I know but I have a free template to make this on my website for anyone who wants to try it themselves. I created the template myself and made it as accurate as I could.


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An astonishing build and certainly for the manhours I don't think the price tag is hefty at all.
Congrats. That is a work of art!

Highest regards,
yeah a lot of folk think free time is free, 2 different meanings entirely.

4.5k is a fair price for all that work.

great job (y)
Thanks everyone! The site has not been alerting me to replies so I had no idea you guys were commenting. I just wrapped up my 4th one of these. Once I put them on Etsy people have just flooded me with inquiries. I have started using laser cut parts from SendCutSend to be more accurate and save me time and work. I am still working on ways to get the center section perfect. This is the closest one yet. One potential buyer found me online, and it turns out he lives 5 mins away. He stopped by the shop and brought his plastic version cast from the original molds, and he's letting me borrow it to held get my version as accurate as possible. The first one of these I did took 7 weeks. I just completed TWO over a 6 week period.


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I am in awe. Less surprised to realize it's David Guyton! Not many social armorers at your level of metalwork. What is the total weight of the backpack?
I am in awe. Less surprised to realize it's David Guyton! Not many social armorers at your level of metalwork. What is the total weight of the backpack?
Not sure exactly, as I haven't weighed it officially. The steel one I made years ago was 30 lbs. The aluminum is significantly lighter. My guess is about 20lbs. I am currently borrowing a plastic casting of the original prop, and it's honestly not much heavier than the plastic one.

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